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to change the history of the top 12 franchises


to change the history of the top 12 franchises


Anyang KGC and Seoul SK, which played an all-time great match in the championship game this season, are considered to be prestigious teams representing the league. There was a time when he was pushed by Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, Jeonju KCC, and Wonju DB for a long time, but since then, he has steadily built up his performance and built up his image as a strong team.

Defending champion KGC is recording four championship titles (2011-12, 2016-17, 2020-21, 2022-23), two regular season titles (2016-17, 2022-23), and one East Asian Super League title (2023). In particular, it has succeeded in unifying the world by sweeping all the regular leagues, East Asian Super League, and championship games this season.

SK is also not easy. He has won three championship games (1999-2000, 2017-18, 2021-22), two regular league titles (2012-13, 2021-22), and one cup title (2021), and completed the treble for the first time in league history. Until most recently, it can be said that it has divided the league landscape with KGC.

There are many reasons behind the two teams’ leap to prestigious status, but the 2011 draft is also considered an indispensable turning point. This is because the franchise history of both teams has changed through this draft. It is said that there is no such thing in sports, but if it were not for the draft at the time, it is unknown whether KGC and SK would have recorded their current performance. It is no exaggeration to say that luck and choice at this time determined the fate of the team.

The 2011 draft received considerable attention even before it was opened. This is because Choi Jin-soo (34, 201.8 cm), the top prospect of joining the NBA in the U.S., participated, following Oh Se-geun (36, 199.8 cm), Kim Sun-hyung (35, 187 cm), and Ham Joon-hoo (34, 195 cm), who led the heyday of the Central University. While Oh Se-geun was called the biggest fish, there were high expectations that Choi Jin-soo could be a player comparable to him if he included the possibility of growth. Kim Sun-hyung and Ham Joon-hoo were also immediately evaluated for their sense of power

Oh Se-geun, who has played as the main big man of the national team since his college days, was the best card that any team could not pass. Even now, the best condition to win the KBL League is the combination of native big men and foreign big men. The effect of “Twin Tower” on the height and the synergy that results from it is no longer necessary to explain.

Cases such as Kim Joo-sung’s DB and Ha Seung-jin’s KCC have proved this. No matter how many variables there are, it is clear that the national team-level big man is the most stable guarantee check. KGC also nominated Oh Se-geun as if it were natural, and since then, the “ginseng heyday” has unfolded. Although he unfortunately moved his team in the FA market, Oh Se-geun reigned as a leading star for more than 10 years and left a thick and deep trace that he became the first name that comes to mind when it comes to KGC.

SK, who was agonizing over Choi Jin-soo and Kim Sun-hyung, finally chose Kim Sun-hyung, which eventually became a divine move. Choi Jin-soo has been playing steadily so far, but Kim Sun-hyung, like Oh Se-geun, has established himself as a superstar who has changed the team’s franchise history. He is highly trusted among fans of other teams for his exemplary words and actions on and off the court for his sincerity in maintaining his skills even at an age not considerable enough to win the regular league MVP last season.

Choi Jin-soo, who combines good size and athletic ability, was once such a big prospect that he was expected to change the future of Korean basketball. In fact, he proved that he has grit by frequently performing showdowns with Oh Se-geun in the first season. However, it has not grown as much as expected since then. He is consistently doing his part, but the difference between Oh Se-geun and Kim Sun-hyung has widened too much.

Ham Joon-hoo (Kaemyeongjeon Ham Nuri) was also well-received as a good forward with both offense and defense and sincerity, although not as much as the three above. Even if he was not an ace, he was expected to perform well as a sculpture of the team. However, he showed disappointment as a main player and fell into a bench member, Journeyman, who travels between various teams.

It is because the impact of the first and second places was so great that there were many resources that played well even after the rotary pick. Kim Hyun-ho, Yoo Seong-ho, Kim Hyun-min, and Jung Chang-young are not star-studded, but they have succeeded in a long run through steady performance. In the case of Lee Kwan-hee, who was selected in the second round, he overcame the low evaluation in the beginning and succeeded in becoming the main player

Lion King’ Oh Se-geun Leads the Unification of Ginseng Country

Seo Jang-hoon and Kim Joo-sung have very big names in the history of big men in Korea. Seo Jang-hoon wrote an overwhelming report card in his personal record, and Kim Joo-sung is a big man representing the league, but he is highly praised for saving his team members through bad work and team play. They are also active in the national team, so their names are still mentioned in the forefront of all-time big men.

Now, Oh Se-geun’s status has risen to the point where he has a reputation with them. He played as a key player in all four KGC titles and created a career that is second to any legend, including regular season MVP (one time), championship MVP (three times), FIBA Asian Cup Betts 5, and Asian Games gold medal. Since he has played so many games since childhood, he has been concerned about early retirement or early aging due to many large and small injuries, but he has not missed the top big man position so far through thorough self-management.

Interest in Oh Se-geun, who has been showing such great skills since the time of his career, such as strength in power and skill in technology, has been explosive. No matter how much Choi Jin-soo was overseas, Kim Sun-hyung was drawing attention as the next-generation guardHowever, the first pick was unconditionally unified into Oh Se-geun. In the meantime, one pick of luck went to KGC, ranked 8th in the previous season, and coach Lee Sang-beom raised his hand and cheered.

This is because Oh Se-geun could have been the last puzzle at a time when he was carrying out a large-scale rebuilding project by replacing Joo Hee-jung with Kim Tae-sul and selecting Park Chan-hee and Lee Jung-hyun in the previous draft. As soon as KGC’s first pick was confirmed, some even said, “A new candidate for the championship was born.” In fact, there is an anecdote that coach Lee visited Huh Jae, then the “best player (?) of the draw,” and joined hands to gain energy. This shows how thirsty KGC is for Oh Se-geun.

Oh Se-geun responded fully to this. He became the Rookie of the Year with an average of 15 points, 8.1 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.5 steals, and 1.3 block shots in 52 games from the first season, and also played a big role in the playoffs to advance the team to the championship game. In the championship match, he also showed his skills that were not inferior to his match-up opponent Kim Joo-sung at all, averaging 17.5 points and 5.3 rebounds, and the result led to the team’s first victory in its foundation. He was also the MVP of the championship game. It was the moment when KGC’s team history changed.

Contrary to the Hulk-like image that looks strong, Oh Se-geun is an all-weather technician. Power from a solid body has always been one of his best weapons, but on top of that, BQ is high and technology is excellent. Oh Se-geun’s power has been famous since the time of amazement. During the winter vacation of a high school senior who was scheduled to enter Chung-Ang University, he surprised people around him by scoring 21 points and 25 rebounds against the managing director of Chung-Ang University.

He is an under-sized big man who is somewhat disappointed in his height, but he kills his matchup opponent through his superiority in other areas such as strength, skill, athletic ability, and sense. I mentioned it earlierShippy Oh Se-geun had no time to rest due to his overwhelming skills. Neither his team nor the national team could not be without Oh Se-geun, and as a result, he had a lot of time to play.

Oh Se-geun is also not the type to take care of himself, so he fought fiercely near the post every game. Eventually, at some point, I started to get sick. He was a strong player, but he was also human, so he had limitations in front of overwork. His unique athletic ability has plummeted and the number of days he falls into the game has increased. What’s surprising is that despite this, Oh continued to hold the top big man position in the league.

He covered his down physical ability with other parts such as sense, and his shooting ability has also developed as the season progresses, and he has recently risen to a considerable shooter level. There is a reason why the saying, “Gun Se-geun (Healthy Oh Se-geun) is a guarantee check for victory.” It is no exaggeration to say that there is still no domestic player who can handle Oh Se-geun one-on-one, even though he is aging more than before 파워볼사이트

Therefore, Oh Se-geun has no choice but to add speciality to KGC fans, but unfortunately, he is no longer able to accompany them. In the process of obtaining FA qualifications and negotiating, the contract broke down and moved to SK, which competed in the final last season. This is an unexpected result not only for his team but also for fans of other teams. Oh Se-geun, who thought he would be a KGC man forever, is preparing for his second heyday in SK

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