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Lee Sang-gil, the late Oh In-hye, revealed her abuse of labor

Lee Sang-gil

Lee Sang-gil, the late Oh In-hye, revealed her abuse of labor.

Lee Sang-gil

A shocking claim has been made that Gil (real name Gil Sung-joon) from Leessang suffered labor and verbal abuse. Gil denied it altogether, and his fellow producers also refuted it.

On the 17th, a video titled “Drunk Driving No. 3 / Misogyny / Manager Assault / One Night / Threatening / Labor Exploitation / Language Violence / Criminals [You are still being deceived!]” was posted on the YouTube channel “TANK KPOP.”

Singer and producer Tank (Ahn Jin-woong) claimed in the video that the producer assaulted the manager, had four girlfriends at the same time, and that he and others were enslaved without a contract for a year, but did not pay any money.

Although the name of the person involved in the disclosure was not mentioned in the video, he mentioned “Infinite Challenge” and “Show Me the Money 5” to guess that it was a direct attack.

“There are already three people who have made extreme choices related to you,” Tanks said. “You should be a father who is not ashamed to see your son.”

He said that Oh In-hye was one of the four girlfriends Lee Sang had at the same time, and that he saw her using verbal violence against Oh In-hye. Tank claims that Gil swore at Oh In-hye, who cleans the house, saying, “It’s so noisy XX.”

In addition, when IU sent a video of her singing Gil’s song at a karaoke room, she said, “Ji X-ha, XX years.”

When he worked together, Gil virtually locked up three tanks and producers in the practice room of “Infinite Challenge” and gave them a check card containing 1.2 million won to use it for food for four months, he also claimed labor exploitation. Gil also mentioned that he did not hesitate to verbally abuse and physically assault the song if he did not like it.

The video is currently deleted.

“It’s not true,” Gil denied the revelation. “The contents of the YouTube video uploaded by Tank are not true and we are preparing for a position announcement and legal action,” Gil said in the media. “We confirmed the fact with Gil, the former manager, and the main composer of Magic Mansion (Gil’s Composition Team).”

Cho Yong-min, producer of Magic Mansion, who worked with Gil and Tank, also posted a lengthy post on Instagram on the 19th, saying, “I am writing because I am worried that many innocent people will get caught up and get irreparable wounds at this time.”

Producer Cho Yong-min explained the situation at the time of “Show Me the Money 5” in 2016, speculating that Ahn Jin-woong left the studio after being scolded by Gil for his mistake during the recording of a female duo song.

He also spared no financial support, including food expenses, Gil said. “I have never received any money for grain, and I have never received an unfair percentage of copyrights.” “We all got the same share.

“I’m afraid that I’ve dragged a third party into this, and they’ll be hurt, and I’m very afraid that the families, relatives, and friends of the deceased will be hurt twice when they see Ahn Jin-woong’s revelation,” he said.

※The following is the full text of the video uploaded by the tank.

Nice to meet you. My name is Tank and my real name is Ahn Jin Woong. He composed the song “Tiger Butterfly” in Show Me the Money 5, and worked in the industry for about 7 years to produce songs by Lee Ha-yi, Verbal Gint, Baek Ji-young, and Ong Seong-woo. This video was made to accuse a man who once lived as the best hip-hop producer and the largest entertainer in Korea, committed drunk driving three times, and is now hated by the public.

The only reason is that he is deceiving you. He has recently been mobilizing his mother-in-law, selling his wife and son to create sympathy and publish articles about donations, but he is constantly looking to return to golf with another PD, unlicensed drunk driving record in a luxury villa in Seorae Village.

From now on, everything I’m going to tell you about him is true, and I currently own some file evidence such as call recording. In short, he had misogyny, manager assault, four girlfriends at the same time, but enjoyed one night at the club, enslaved me and others without a contract for a year, didn’t pay for it, even framed me since I left him, threatened him to take over, and threatened your future. I’ll tell you in detail from now on.

The first time I met him was ‘Gwak Studio’ in Hongdae. It was summer and now there was the late Woo Hye-mi. It was not long after he dropped out of Infinite Challenge in the summer, that is, he prepared the album right after he dropped out of Infinite Challenge, where he auditioned me for a few things and suggested that we do music together.

“Now I’m going to form a team until I get back on the air. I will return to Show Me the Money 5 and want to work with you. Write a song.” That’s what I wrote. It’s called a refrigerator.

After that, he virtually locked me and three other producers in the Infinite Challenge practice room in Apgujeong Rodeo at the time, and gave me a check card containing exactly 1.2 million won to buy rice for four months. Of course, he worked for him, had no salary, and if he didn’t like the song, his verbal abuse and assault didn’t stop. But he told me not to eat expensive things but to buy triangular kimbap. This is a crime and a violation of the Ministry of Employment and Labor’s guidelines in my shallow knowledge.

But I, who was only in my early 20s at the time, believed it was natural. So I kept holding onto the rotten Dong-A line and didn’t stop doing countless things that you wouldn’t believe even if you heard them.

He had four girlfriends at the time, one of whom was the late Oh In-hye. She was such a warm, kind, and beautiful person. One day, he called me and two other producers to his house and Oh In-hye came home about five minutes after we gathered. She knew the password of the house and organized and cleaned the house as if it were a given. Here, not only I, but all of us could guess how deep their relationship was. About two minutes after Oh In-hye’s sister started cleaning, she got up and headed to her. Of course we thought he would say a warm word to her, but the word that came out of his mouth while slamming the door was really shocking.

“XX, it’s loud, XX.”

That’s not all. At that time, IU was dating Jang Ki-ha, and she sent a video of herself and Jang Ki-ha dating and singing his song in a karaoke room, and he said this while watching it.


He was also infinitely strong for the weak and infinitely weak for the strong. He frequently used verbal abuse against the coordinator manager and sometimes directly assaulted him. If the atmosphere of Infinite Challenge is not good, sometimes Yoo Jae-seok and sometimes Ha Dong-hoon called them separately and scolded them not to ruin the atmosphere. Unfortunately, this is the only story I haven’t witnessed, and I heard it directly from the person who was the former manager of Noh Hong-chul and worked as the head of his company for a very short time. You’ve been on Infinite Challenge before, so you can look for it yourself.

Over the course of a year, I witnessed the reality of my hero as a child and eventually decided to leave him. I wasn’t working part-time under him at the time, I didn’t sign a contract, and of course I didn’t receive any money, so I wasn’t obliged to notify him of anything. He will have to be grateful and gracious for the rest of his life for not reporting and suing him. But what returned to me was betrayal, slander, and intimidation.

I was a social service worker. Therefore, I was trained at the training center for 28 days. After training, my phone had dozens of missed calls from his former manager, who was also playing Jegichagi with Noh Hong-chul’s former manager at Infinite Challenge. In other words, the tiger butterfly of Show Me the Money 5 is on the verge of being sued for plagiarizing the lyrics and concept to the composer who wrote Kim Heung-guk’s tiger butterfly.

I have one thing to tell you here. It’s the first song that I took the lead in writing. It is true that I made the line and song form of Brass. However, he was not involved in the chorus, melody of the lyrics, and arrangement. No, he arbitrarily hummed Kim Heung-guk’s tiger butterfly by himself and decided to do this.

Here you can see his work handling skills, and you probably remember that Kim Heung-guk appeared on the tiger butterfly stage of Show Me the Money 5. But he was in danger of being sued. In other words, he stole the song by inviting only the singer without getting any permission from the author who made the song. Of course, this was not related to me. But his manager said the following.

“To be honest, you didn’t do anything when you were at work. Let’s put all of this on your head. I’ll send you the document by e-mail right now, so stamp it and send it to me, punk.”


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